David Gonville’s Bio

David Gonville

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1970


Being born and raised by a family of artists in Rhode Island, my paths have always led me to art and the ocean. I began my college career as a Marine Affairs major at the University of Rhode Island, focusing on the study of coastal and marine management, fisheries law and management, maritime transportation and ports, and domestic and international ocean law and policy. My studies also examined a variety of basic ocean and coastal uses and the social, political, legal, economic, and ecological frameworks in which they take place and in the context of broader societal concerns and values. It was in my marine cartography class that I first used the internet. From that moment I decided to transfer to UMass Dartmouth to pursue my interest in technology and combine it with my appreciation for design.

Under the tutelage of some renowned design professionals, I was able to study the process of visual communication in a context of message, audience, environment, and technology. I learned how to approach research and analysis of content as part of the design process, and learned to develop graphic translations (symbols, books, posters, interactive media) based on that research and analysis. In addition, I explored classical and contemporary issues of typography and became practiced in diverse media, including letterform design, information design, book and periodical design, letterpress printing, painting, printmaking, and web development.

After graduating from UMass Dartmouth (Cum Laude), I worked for several years as a designer/developer for an internet startup company and later as a designer at a large design firm in Providence (RDW). When I got tired of working for The Man, I started my own freelance company for a few years before merging with fellow artist (and wife) Maeve Donohue to create our current design/development studio - Nami Studios. Finally, during the past year, I have found time to dedicate to my true artistic passion - painting. In my latest series, The Hinterland, I combine various mediums and imagery from the internet, my camera, and memory to capture the patterns of surf in this often hostile, yet ultimately zen New England environment.


1991-1994 : University of Rhode Island : Marine Affairs
1995-1998 UMass Dartmouth : Cum Laude - Graphic Design


Yes Gallery - Anniversary Show

2009 :
Bristol Art Museum: Microworks
Bristol Art Museum: Invitational

2008 :
Imago Gallery - Traces (Featured Artist)
Imago Gallery - Group Show
Yes Gallery - Love Sick / Sea Sick (Featured Artist)


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