photo transfer on encaustic paintings

Lots of people have been asking me how to transfer photos to encaustic paintings?

This is what I do to transfer toner prints onto my paintings. This also works with acrylic medium, but the process is a bit different.

1. Use bees wax encaustic, heat with an iron, to make a flat surface on your painting. you can mix with oil paint (around 30% paint to wax)
2. take a photo you want to transfer, (I usually use my own photos) reverse and edit in photoshop, convert to greyscale and adjust contrasts.
3. print with a toner style printer, (some inkjets and color printers work too) I have a basic Brother.
4. take the print, put face down on top of flat waxy surface.
5. Rub with hard smooth object, for few minutes until entire area is totally covered, then leave it for ten minutes.
6. poor water on paper, put wet towel or face cloth on it to help soak into paper , leave for 10 min.
7. remove towel, take your finger and rub surface of paper until you dissolve the paper away, keep doing it gently if you need to get rid of more paper.
8. let dry, rub rest on paper residue away.
9. should leave just the toner image on wax surface.
10. If you choose, layer over with more wax


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